About the Founder

Jude Williams has built her HR career by helping small, medium and large sized businesses define, implement and grow Human Resources within their organizations in both the public and private sectors. She has broken down barriers by bringing employees, managers, executives and governing boards/stakeholders together; resulting in cost savings, higher efficiency and improved relationships.

The accolades she has received from recent clients are "great results with a high level of integrity", "expert in her field and good listener", "many times her insight into the pros and cons of a particular solution allowed the organization to take an approach that proved to be highly successful in controlling costs and minimizing potential liability."

Ms. Williams has a BS in Business Education along with Master's level coursework in Training and Development from the University of Illinois. She received the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) designation from the Society of Human Resource Management in 2002 and has assisted over 35 HR professionals in achieving their PHR/SPHR certifications.

About the Company

Our commitment to our clients – The employer/employee partnership that make up the whole of the businesses we work with can sometimes be less than healthy. We help build bridges over the sea of confusion and uncertainty between employers and employees. We assist in the delivery of honest, open communication between employers and employees that results in higher levels of employee engagement and business success.

Our commitment to our community – Since we are fairly new to the East Valley we are still getting acquainted with the community but have already supported the local community through cash donations, participating in food drives, assisting with a feral cat capture and release program and supporting local farmers, articians and musicians. We are continuing to look for ways to support and become more involved with the community. If you have ideas, please let us know.

Our commitment to our environment – more than 75% of what we do is virtual, optimizing face time so we minimize fuel spent traveling. We use GoToMeeting and other online collaboration tools as much as possible to minimize travel and wasted time. We recycle and reuse as much as possible. While we're not fanatical, we continuously and consciously look for ways to reuse, recycle and conserve because we believe every small step we take every day has an impact on Mother Earth.

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